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 WWE One Night Only: Cyber Saturday (May 20th, Year 7)

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PostSubject: WWE One Night Only: Cyber Saturday (May 20th, Year 7)   Mon Aug 17, 2015 6:53 pm

*Live from The Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Opponent for Adrian Neville
-Sami Zayn (Voted)
-Bo Dallas
-Chris Jericho
WWE X-Division Championship
Adrian Neville(c) Def Sami Zayn

Stipulation For Match
-Belfast Brawl
-Stretcher Match
-Tables Match (Voted)
Tables Match
Dolph Ziggler Def Finlay

Opponent for Chris Jericho
-Finn Balor
-Mistico (Voted)
-Kevin Owens
Chris Jericho Def "NXT Champion" Mistico

Tag Team Partner for Fenix
-Rey Mysterio (Voted)
-John Cena
-Randy Orton
Tag Team Match
Fenix & Rey Mysterio Def Jack Swagger & Curtis Axel

Stipulation for Rowan vs. Rollins
-Steel Cage Match
-Iron Man Match (Voted)
-Full Metal Mayhem Match
15-Minute Iron Man Match
Seth Rollins (1 pts) Def Erick Rowan (0 pts)

Opponent for Bad News Barrett
-Mystery Opponent (Voted)
-Daniel Bryan
-Hideo Itami
Jeff Hardy Def Bad News Barrett

Stipulation for Ambrose vs. Owens
-Street Fight (Voted)
-Kendo Stick Match
-"I Quit" Match
Street Fight
Dean Amborse Def Kevin Owens
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WWE One Night Only: Cyber Saturday (May 20th, Year 7)
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